The case concerning Ghost leader Tobias Forge and four former players in the band involving profits from their time playing with the group is starting to move forward. An initial oral preparation was held Monday (Nov. 13) to discuss whether there was a settlement option, and after some discussion, no agreement was met.

According to Sweden's Corren, Forge was not present for the meeting, but was represented by his legal counsel Ann-Charlotte Soderlund Bjork. Meanwhile, two of the four musicians suing Forge -- Simon Soderberg and Mauro Rubino -- were in attendance, along with their attorney Michael Berg.

According to reports, the judge in the case asked if the two sides had interest in working out a settlement before it reached the court. "If an attempt to reach a settlement is to be made, it should be done now, before the costs start swelling terribly," stated Bjork, before both parties were led to a closed door session to try to work out details. However, after a few hours had passed, the sides had not come to an agreement, but it is believed that more attempts will be made for a settlement before a court case begins.

The four musicians -- Soderberg, Rubino, Henrik Palm and Martin Hjerstedt -- claimed that they were members of Ghost during their time with the band and that there was an agreement in place with Forge that he would handle the managerial aspects of the group. While they were paid a fixed salary, the four musicians question whether or not they received the rightful share of the band profits during their tenure.

Meanwhile, Forge has stated that he founded the band without input from anyone else and that no legal partnership ever existed, with the four musicians sole task being to "perform" and "execute" the music works that the singer had created, produced and decided.

Ghost have continued on without the four musicians, with new players in place, and Forge is reportedly working on a new Ghost album for 2018.

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