We all knew that with Ghost's (Ghost B.C.) third full-length album, we'd be introduced to vocalist / successor Papa Emeritus III. Many felt like they had figured Ghost out, but the band delivered a bizarre televised surprise very much under the radar.

During a late night airing of the classic comedy Caddyshack on VH1 Classic, a commercial popped onscreen teasing the next step of Ghost's lineage. A cult meeting between some sort of demonic female authority and Ghost's instrumental section of nameless ghouls was held, recapping the accomplishments of the "Ghost project." However, the woman is unimpressed with Ghost's inability to destroy this world's religious and governmental institutions.

In this video, which was captured by a fan, the ghouls receive new masks and are informed that Papa Emeritus II has been removed as Ghost's frontman. The higher power also reveals Papa Emeritus III, who is the three-months-younger brother of Papa Emeritus II, as he comes out of the shadows for a quick moment.

The mysterious clip also announces the upcoming release of Ghost's third full-length, Meliora, which is Latin for "better." The album has a tentative Aug. 21 release date and its expected first single, "Cirice," could potentially be revealed in late May or early June. Other song titles include "From the Pinnacle to the Pit," "Majesty," Devil Church" and "He Is."

There's one more cryptic message sent through Ghost's surprise TV spot. The words "He is coming" appear on the screen before "Philadelphia," "September 26" and "Meliora Coming Soon" also grace the television.

Will Papa Emeritus III be revealed on Sept. 26 in Philadelphia? Only time will tell, but stay tuned to Loudwire for all your Ghost updates.

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