Praise Papa! Ghost have just released another fresh track, "Majesty," from their upcoming third studio album, Meliora.

"Majesty" is the third song from Meliora that Ghost have imparted on fans so far. Different from the progressive and dynamic "Cirice" and the straight-on rocker "From the Pinnacle to the Pit," "Majesty" feels almost reminiscent of music on their debut album Opus Eponymous, but with a more futuristic sheen.

"Lyrically, it's on one hand a hymn about the dark lord of the underworld," a Namless Ghoul explains. "On the other hand it paints a picture of a swarm of people, whom in a world of complete disaster, idolizes an authority that is clearly looking down upon the. How to love something that hates you back."

The artwork accompanying "Majesty" is a tribute to King Kong, further exploring Ghost's knack for re-imagining classic horror film imagery. The King Kong art also complements the overall sound of Meliora, which Ghost aimed to be extremely metropolitan in feel. "We were trying to take this thing to a very clean, indoors, 67th floor in a very high building, in a very big city," a Nameless Ghoul recently told us in an exclusive interview. "Those were the pictures we hung on the walls of our minds in order to know where we were going." Stay tuned for that full interview coming soon.

Meliora, is set for an Aug. 21 release. To pre-order the album and bundle packs, click here.

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