In what will likely garner a mixed reaction from rock enthusiasts, Halestorm is the latest band to have their song covered on the hit television show 'Glee.' The musical comedy show did a cover of the band's new tune 'Here's to Us' on last week's episode (Feb. 21). 'Here's to Us' is among the new tracks featured on Halestorm's upcoming album, 'The Strange Case Of….' due out  later this Spring.

The show's Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) takes the lead on the tune, which was cleaned up a bit for the airing on the television network. Some fans first heard the new song when the band premiered the tune on New Year's Eve when they performed in Allentown, Pa. at Crocodile Rock.

Halestorm took to their Twitter page following the episode of 'Glee,' giving props to the cast, producers and Berry for the honor and consideration to be included in the show. Following the episode, the audio of the tune surfaced on YouTube, giving Halestorm a new flock of fans who were unfamiliar with them until hearing the song on the hit show.

'The Strange Case Of…' is set to hit stores on Tuesday, April 10. Fans who want to get their hands on a copy of 'Here's to Us,' as well as three other tracks from 'The Strange Case Of...' album can log onto iTunes now to purchase the band's new EP, 'Hello, It's Mz. Hyde.'

Listen to Rachel Berry Sing Halestorm's 'Here to Us'