Deep Purple have had a storied history with many talented musicians playing with the band over the years, but that expanded roster of current and former members has led to a little bit of a headache when it comes to the band's upcoming Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction. Despite the drama involved, former member Glenn Hughes says he's thrilled to be inducted and would love to play if it works itself out.

Hughes tells Billboard, "All I know is I'm getting the award. There's a lot of gossip and innuendo about who's saying what. I'd love to play. I'd love to sing. And so would David [Coverdale]." Hughes and Coverdale were part of the third and fourth iterations of the band's lineup.

The drama comes from the fact that only certain members from the band's history have been chosen for induction, while the current lineup of the band which includes some members who aren't being inducted intend on performing at the ceremony. Frontman Ian Gillan, drummer Ian Paice and bassist Roger Glover are upset that guitarist Steve Morse and keyboardist Don Airey have been excluded from induction despite both being with the band for well over a decade.

Hughes says that he and Coverdale both inquired about the plan for the ceremony, but after learning of the drama, they decided to stay out of the way and let things play out. "If Ian Gillan wants to run the show on behalf of his Deep Purple, that's his business," says Hughes. "My business is to show up and gracefully accept my award. But we're really hoping that we will be invited to sing. I'd like to think that Deep Purple can be just one big happy family on the night, you know? Egos outside the door and be graceful in what we do."

The former Deep Purple bassist says that he also reached out to founding guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, who has announced that he planned to skip the induction. "You just never know with him, but I'd love it if he showed up," says Hughes. "I just hope he has the balls to [attend], and for God's sake, he bloody wrote those songs. He wrote those riffs. He wrote 'Smoke on the Water.' Whatever happened -- the eccentricities, the behavior, the name-calling and all that stuff -- I say let it all go. Blackmore should be there accepting his award. I'd be very upset if he didn't."

The 2016 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony takes place Friday, April 8 at Brooklyn's Barclays Center. Tickets are on sale now at this location. And for those who can't make it to Brooklyn, HBO will air a special this spring with the highlights from the induction ceremony.

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