Before Doc Coyle started shredding the guitar in modern rock juggernauts Bad Wolves, he was a member of heavy metal group God Forbid. But when recently asked if he could ever see his old band reuniting, the musician demurred on the possibility. But maybe not for the reasons one would expect.

Coyle, who said he's still friends with his God Forbid bandmates, intimated that demand for such a reunion was likely too low to justify the tasks involved. Still, the Bad Wolves guitarist didn't completely count out its feasibility for the future. Listen to the full interview toward the bottom of this post.

"I don't know about that," Coyle replied to the BREWtally Speaking Podcast, as transcribed by Theprp. "Like I said, friends with everybody, it's just I'm so busy. No one's really knocking down our door."

He continued, "Truth be told, no matter what, it'd be a lot of work just getting things together, rehearsing, booking, gear, everything. It's a lot, but you never know. We'll have to see that the future holds, but I love all those guys. I love the music and I'm proud of our legacy and I'm happy people still kinda care, cause I do think we did something really cool."

But that's not all. When presented with the example of fellow New Jersey metalcore veterans E.Town Concrete recently reuniting to local and national acclaim, the guitarist remained unconvinced.

"Here's the thing," Coyle said, "E-Town was probably about 3-4 times bigger that we were in our home area. I'm sure we could do like one reunion show and maybe sell it out, but I don't know. I've [got] low confidence in how many give a shit, to be honest."

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