Godsmack drummer Shannon Larkin has signed on to offer up a weekly recap of each episode of 'The Walking Dead' Season 5 exclusively on Loudwire. Check out his look at Episode 5 ('Self Help') below:

We start on the bus headed to D.C. Some conversation ensues and then BAM! The bus hits a car and flips in a violent crash. Of course, the group had just passed a horde of walkers who descend on the wrecked bus immediately. Abraham was driving, and I was scratching my head over this accident, as there is always stray cars stalled on the roads. But it happened. The group is all OK though, and get out of the bus to deal with the walkers and protect Eugene. They drop the dead likes flies, and head off on foot.

We get some flashbacks of Abraham’s past in brief glances. The group stops for the night in a small bookstore, where we see Abe banging Rosita, with Eugene getting caught watching them go at it by Tara. His explanation is hilarious. I like this character. Hell, I like all of the characters in the group. Suddenly, Eugene confesses to Tara the bus wrecked because of him. He sabotaged the gas with broken glass. His reasoning is strange, too. He is a weird one. Tara vows to keep it a secret, and Eugene vows not to try and sabotage them again.

So at least I now know why Abraham wrecked the bus. Not his fault. His backstory continues, and they get a firetruck! Rad. But no, it s--ts out and Abraham is starting to lose it, but luckily, some zombies show up and he can take out some frustrations on their skulls. The group kills these walkers nice and brutally, with Eugene manning the firehose on the stalled truck, blowing heads and limbs off the horde in an awesome watery scene. Abraham laughs his ass off as he cleans gore off the air intake of the firetruck and gets it running. He seems a bit crazy still, but is super focused on the mission. We see he’s had it rough in the beginning of the apocalypse.

Like every episode, there an OMG moment. Here we have Eugene confess to the group he’s a phony! Not even a scientist. He tricked everyone to get to D.C., which he believes is is the safest place to survive. Abe proceeds to f--k him up, then flashes back to his family at the beginning (all dead), and we see how he met Eugene.

So in a way, if it weren’t for Eugene’s bulls--t lie, Abraham would have eaten a bullet after seeing his family dead. But now what will his purpose be? I guess we’ll find out a couple episodes down the line, as next week we get back to Daryl and Carol, and I’m looking forward to that. Abe should just be stoked he has Rosita. She’s wicked hot!

Talk next week, y’all! Apocalypse!

Our thanks to Shannon Larkin for his recap of Episode 5 of 'The Walking Dead' Season 5. Godsmack recently released their latest album, '1000hp,' which is available at iTunes and Amazon.

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