Godsmack frontman Sully Erna will take to YouTube tomorrow (Tuesday, April 14) to premiere a new bi-weekly web series called Hometown Sessions.

The dual-pronged talk show will have Erna hosting some surprise guests, including fellow musicians, in a bid to combat boredom while homebound during the coronavirus pandemic. Set to stream on both Tuesdays and Thursdays, the first program of each week will be devoted to interviews focusing on entertainment.

On Thursdays, however, Erna will use Hometown Sessions to highlight mental health. Specialists in the subject will take part in the show, and the Godsmack singer will even take phone calls from fans during the program. It will all be to engage in "real talk" about life's struggles, as Erna put it in an announcement this week.

"Yes, I have finally gone covid crazy!" the Godsmack member shared on Sunday (April 12). "My new show 'Hometown Sessions' will premiere this Tues. at 6PM from my very own home only on: www.YouTube.com/SullyErna - Be sure to head over there and click 'subscribe' to my channel now!"

He continued, "Every Tuesday I will be bringing on celebrity guests, musician friends and talking all things music. You never know, you may even catch some unique live performances from time to time. Thursdays will be reserved for 'real talk' about 'real life,' as we invite some of the top experts in to talk about mental health, struggles with addiction, depression, bullying and so much more!"

The series takes its name from Erna's 2016 solo album, Hometown Life, and its title track.

In addition to his musical achievements, the Godsmack singer is known for his socially focused philanthropy. Last year, he donated to a youth boxing program near his New England home base. The rocker gave the monetary gift as part of his charitable Scars Foundation.

Remember to head to Erna's YouTube channel at 6 PM ET each Tuesday and Thursday to catch Hometown Sessions.

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