Alabama's Human Life Protection Act has stirred up quite a bit of sentiment of late. If put into effect, the House Bill could impose a near-total ban on abortions taking place within the state. Having a platform where his voice can be heard, Grandson has weighed in on the topic and is backing up his stance by putting his money where his mouth is.

In a series of tweets, Grandson revealed that while playing in Alabama at the Hangout Festival this weekend, he intends to donate a portion of his performance fee to the Yellow Hammer Fund, an organization that supports and provides assistance to abortion clinics in the state of Alabama.

Pulling no punches, the musician stated, "The Alabama 'human life protection act' should be called the Alabama woman hating restriction act. It actively sets back the human race as a whole to watch a country that has served as a beacon for human rights continue to assault the freedom of women, rape survivors. No additional funding for birth control, sex education. No additional public funding for daycare, maternal leave+support."

He added, "If it were the men in Alabama’s courthouses getting pregnant, the mere thought of this sort of draconian prohibitive abortion stance would be met with ridicule and outrage. As usual, it is those who can’t fight back who are used as political scapegoats for religious fanaticism."

Summing up his stance, he concluded, "If you don’t believe in abortion, don’t fucking get one. Leave your god out of my life. If you have some sort of disdain or prideful ignorance towards science, technology, medicine, quietly seethe between bites of your microwaveable TV dinner and leave the rest of humanity alone."

The musician then tweeted a message from that can be read below, pledging his desire to get involved in the fight.

He then made good on that promise to get involved by pledging his funding from an Alabama-based event that would go to aid those that could be hurt by the passing of the bill. "We will be performing and making our voices heard as scheduled," said the musician.

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