In this Greatest Metal Drummer competition, we've compiled 32 of metal's most legendary stickmen with one goal in mind: finding the greatest one of all time.

We recently finished up our Greatest Metal Guitarist competition, with Pantera legend 'Dimebag' Darrell Abbott claiming victory after a monthlong battle that began with 32 of metal's greatest axemen. With Dime voted as the Greatest Metal Guitarist, we now move further back on the stage to name the Greatest Metal Drummer, voted on by you, the fans.

This competition has been split into two categories: The Skin Bashers Division will focus on some of metal's most beloved drummers, who specialize in groove and the percussive character they bring to their band's music. The Technical Masters Division showcases 16 of the fastest, most brutal and technically gifted metal drummers ever to man the throne. In the end, the winner of each division will face off in the championship round.

Round 1 of our Greatest Metal Drummer competition starts now! So vote in all 16 first-round battles by clicking the button below!