Friday (March 15) was a big day for Green Day at South by Southwest, as the band had two films screening and they made a welcome return to the concert stage at the Moody Theater. While 'Cuatro,' the documentary about the creation of their album trilogy, has appeared at other festivals, South by Southwest was the premiere of 'Broadway Idiot,' their film about the creation of their 'American Idiot' stage production.

Speaking to the crowd before the showing, Mike Dirnt joked, "Welcome to our nightmare," before giving way to the festival's director. Entertainment Weekly reports that the film shows some of the band's trepidation toward the translation of their 'American Idiot' album to the stage. At one point, frontman Billie Joe Armstrong states in the movie, "This album is my baby. I want to make sure no one f---- it up." The rocker also expressed his fear that the production would turn into "singin' and dancin' and life is swell, like the Rockettes and stuff."

Fortunately that was not the case and Armstrong came around to the point of even joining the Broadway production. However, the decision to take part in the play didn't come without a few worries. The frontman said in the movie, "I can't act, I can't dance. Compared to a lot of these people, I can't even sing."

Speaking about 'Broadway Idiot,' director Doug Hamilton told Billboard, "The thing that surprised everyone is that bit by bit, Billie Joe got really interested in the show and was finding a personal connection with it. He talks about how he idealizes the early period of Green Day where there was a real community of musicians and, as Green Day got bigger, they lost a lot of those friends. He wanted a community, and what he says in the film is that it blindsided him that he found it in theater. He fell in love with the cast as they did with him." Catch the 'Broadway Idiot' trailer below.

Meanwhile, the band returned to the concert stage doing what they do best. Rolling Stone reports that the group made a triumphant return to the stage at Austin's Moody Theater. Having missed out on the promotion of their three fall releases while Armstrong was in rehab, the band more than made up for it in their set. The band opened with '99 Revolutions' off the 'Tre' album and ended with the strong closer 'Brutal Love' from that same disc. In between, fans were treated such album trilogy standouts as 'Stay the Night,' 'Stop When the Red Lights Flash,' 'Letterbomb' and their most recent single, 'X-Kid.'

The band did work in some of their standard favorites as well, with 'Know Your Enemy' turning up second in the setlist; 'Holiday,' 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams' 'Burnout' and 'Welcome to Paradise' breaking up the newness mid-set; and 'Minority' completing the body of the performance before 'American Idiot' and 'Jesus of Suburbia' kicked off the encore. To see the remainder of Green Day's spring 2013 North American tour, click here.

Watch the 'Broadway Idiot' Movie Trailer