At a recent secret show at the Mezzanine in San Francisco, Calif on Nov. 1, Green Day played a live version of a new song titled ‘Carpe Diem.'

Billie Joe Armstrong introduced the 'seize the day' anthem saying, “This song is about being alive, every single one of us!”

The song, reminiscent of the band’s earlier years, may be indicative that their new album might be a departure from their past two conceptual albums and a return to their punk rock roots.

While details on the new album are still scarce, the band played 15 new songs back in August at a secret show in Costa Mesa, Calif. None of the songs have been confirmed as contenders for the new album but included a dedication to Amy Winehouse with the song called ‘Amy.’

Watch the video of Green Day performing ‘Carpe Diem’ below.

Watch Green Day Perform New Song 'Carpe Diem':