Green Day have revealed the track list for '¡Uno! -- the first of the band's forthcoming trilogy of new albums.

Green Day began talking about a new album before they had even finished touring behind their 2009 concept disc '21st Century Breakdown.' At one point frontman Billie Joe Armstrong tweeted that they had about 30 songs ready to go, but nobody expected that they would release all of them -- and more -- in the form of an album trilogy.

After breaking news that they had entered the studio to work on the new album, Green Day began posting trailers of their studio adventures and eventually dropped the bombshell -- the new album was actually three albums. The first of which is called '¡Uno!' and is described by Armstrong as a power pop album that falls creatively "somewhere between AC/DC and the early Beatles."

The album, produced by longtime collaborator Rob Cavallo, is set for release Sept. 25, with the first single hitting radio on July 16. 'Oh Love' may be the first song released from the album, but the just released track list features a few titles fans may recognize. The songs 'Nuclear Family,' 'Carpe Diem' and 'Troublemaker' have all been performed at the handful of shows Green Day has played over the past year and a half.

'¡Dos!' and '¡Tré!,' the two albums that will follow '¡Uno!,' are set for release on Nov. 13, 2012, and Jan. 15, 2013, respectively.

Green Day, '¡UNO!' - Track Listing

01. 'Nuclear Family'
02. 'Stay The Night'
03. 'Carpe Diem'
04. 'Let Yourself Go'
05. 'Kill The DJ'
06. 'Fell For You'
07. 'Loss Of Control'
08. 'Troublemaker'
09. 'Angel Blue'
10. 'Sweet 16'
11. 'Rusty James'
12. 'Oh Love'

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