More drama surrounds Guns N' Roses in the live realm. At GN'R's second London show at the O2 Arena last night (June 1), bassist Tommy Stinson threatened to end the gig early after fans pelted the band with money and glasses. The group took the stage nearly an hour later than scheduled, which likely sparked the fans' ire.

Stinson barked, "If you throw any f---ing thing on stage, we'll go home." Singer Axl Rose credited Stinson with "laying down the law," according to the, by making that statement.

Apparently, the venue attempted to stave off the aggravation of fans by announcing it would provide extra transportation due to the show ending later than planned, thanks to the band's tardiness. Even so, many fans exited at midnight, two hours before the show actually ended.

The noted that were hardly any Slash shirts in the crowd, either! A fan wearing tee with the former guitarist's visage was denied entry into the venue for Thursday's (May 31) gig unless he removed the apparel.

Obviously, the band's overseas touring is fraught with highs and lows. Ex-guitarist Izzy Stradlin took the stage at the first London show, which was clearly an intense high! The "take off the Slash t-shirt" stuff feels like a bit of a low, since the guitarist is such a huge part of the band's history and its past.