Guns N' Roses / Dead Daisies guitarist Richard Fortus recently suffered serious injuries after a motorcycle accident. Sadly for Dead Daisies fans, Fortus will miss the band's upcoming tour dates in Australia and New Zealand due to the crash.

Richard Fortus had a short stint as Thin Lizzy's lead guitarist in 2011 and joined fellow Guns N' Roses member Dizzy Reed in the Dead Daisies back in 2013, so Fortus is used to juggling multiple projects. The Dead Daisies are slotted to open for KISS during the band's October tour, but for the first time in Fortus' long career, he will be sitting out on his band's gigs.

Richard Fortus writes:

Since The Dead Daisies have now announced that I am not going to be able to do the Australian tour, I'd like to share my statement here-
On September 17, 2015, I was involved in a motorcycle accident. As a result, I broke my shoulder blade, collar bone, six ribs, a toe, I have a bruised lung, lacerated liver and a concussion.
Amazingly, my doctors have assured me that I will make a full recovery. I have never missed a show in my entire career and unfortunately, I will have to miss the entire Australian and New Zealand leg of this tour. I am devastated that I will not be able to play for the Australian and New Zealand fans, who have been so supportive and loyal.
I am healing quickly and getting stronger by the day. I'm looking forward to rejoining the Daisies for the KISS Kruise as well as the Whitesnake tour and our own tour of the UK and France.
I’d like to thank everyone for their well-wishes and can’t wait to be back in Australia very soon. rf

Baby Animals guitarist Dave Leslie has been recruited to fill in for Fortus. "Richard Fortus is an amazing guitar player and I'm really thrilled to be asked to cover for him." says Leslie. "I am going to have to pack an extra bag of socks, because his are extremely big shoes to fill!"

We'd like to wish Richard a speedy recovery and a quick return to the stage.

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