You've been hearing it for a while and we've been saying it for a while, but this time, it actually sounds like it could be true. Guns N' Roses stage technician, Tom Mayhue, has confirmed that the band has a new single on the way, and that they've been working on a new album.

Mayhue has been working with Guns since 1988. They're currently on tour in Europe, and during their recent stop in Paris (July 13), the tech spoke in front of a group of people about his time working with the band and some of their upcoming plans. Video clips from the gathering were uploaded on Facebook by Valérie Coclin.

"So I've been with the band forever, we're just getting ready to finish up this portion of our Guns N' Roses European tour," Mayhue said, noting that the North American leg of the tour wraps up in mid-October. "And I know that the band's gonna start working on new music, they've got a bunch of stuff recorded already. So there will be new Guns N' Roses music very soon. In fact, I think they're trying to get a single out any day now, so you may hear something very, very soon."

Axl Rose and Slash were recently photographed at Urban Sound Studios in Norway, where they had been listening to "new mixes." The studio has since deleted the photo, but you can still see it here.

It's unclear what mixes the duo were checking out. Ever since the band released "Absurd" and "Hard Skool" in late 2021, Slash has been saying that they plan to release a few more reworked Chinese Democracy outtakes. But, last October, the guitarist also said that the band would be free "to be able to go in and work on a new record" after their summer tour is over — which would match up with Mayhue's timeline.

So, will this upcoming new single be another Chinese Democracy outtake, or will it be something entirely new? We aren't sure which is the case, but we do know that Mayhue said the new material they've been working on sounds more like Appetite for Destruction.

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"It's a lot more, kind of Appetite-orientated. They had a lot of songs, when the band went in originally and recored Appetite for Destruction, I think they recorded like 29 songs. So there's a bunch of other music that was left over that didn't make the first record," he added.

See the videos below.

Guns' European tour wraps up in Greece on July 22, then their North American tour starts in early August. See the full schedule at this location.

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