There's the phrase "Don't Mess With Texas," but there should be a new one: "Don't Mess With Axl Rose."

During their performance Saturday night (Dec. 17) at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, the Guns N' Roses' frontman took matters into his own hands when he had security remove an unruly fan from the crowd.

"Out, mother f---er! Out! Get the f--- out!" Rose announced over the microphone, mimicking the fan who appeared to be confused as to why he was being asked to leave. "Yeah, you! See ya, you dumb-ass mother f---er."

As security walked the fan through the crowd, Rose and his fellow bandmates stood at the front of the stage waving, as Rose began singing 'Happy Trails.'

"That's the first person I've had thrown out for 100 shows," Rose said from the stage after the fan was removed, "like the good old days."

For the rest of the fans in attendance, they were watching their actions from that point on, as they were fired up about seeing Guns N' Roses live and didn't want to risk being removed. The last time the band was set to play in Vancouver was in November of 2002, but Rose unexpectedly canceled the show at the GM Place last minute, angering a lot of fans. Police on site had to disperse the rioting crowd, where at least two fans were injured in the process.

"On behalf of the city, I'd like to thank you for not tearing the place up," Rose said at end of their show Saturday that lasted three hours. "I apologize for my part in any past affairs."

Fans who stuck around for the entire performance Saturday night were in for a bonus when former GN'R member, Duff McKagan, joined Rose and the current band members onstage for performances of 'You Could Be Mine' and 'Civil War.' McKagan's band, Loaded, were the supporting act for the show that night, as well as the night before in Seattle, Wash. where he also joined GN'R onstage for a song.

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