When Guns N' Roses burst onto the scene, there was nothing bigger than the collective of Axl Rose, Slash, Izzy Stradlin, Duff McKagan and Steven Adler. Now, the group that brought the world Appetite for Destruction has been featured in a Super Bowl commercial highlighting a whole different kind of appetite. The classic "Welcome to the Jungle" made an appearance in Taco Bell's commercial launching their newest menu item, the Quesalupa.

On New Year's Day, Axl Rose tweeted out, "The only thing I know 'confirmed is my LOVE of Taco Bell! Mmmmm... Taco Bell!! Happy New Years!!" amidst then swirling rumors of a classic Guns N' Roses reunion. While we can't be sure whether the deal was already in place for the Mexican fast food chain to spotlight the band in their upcoming advertisement or if this moment spurred the union, but we can be sure that this commercial is awesome!

Opening by showing a woman splitting the Quesalupa open to reveal gooey, melted cheese inside the shell, the commercial (seen above) highlights all the biggest fads in the country right now, saying it's going to be bigger than each of them, including man hair buns, the dating app Tinder and even football. Cutting to a clip of a kicker running up to kick a field goal, the shot reveals a soccer ball which is then kicked by Brazilian soccer player Neymar Jr. and he quips "real football" when referring to soccer. The kick comes right at the height of the mounting tension in the beginning of "Welcome to the Jungle" and drops out while Neymar Jr. speaks, coming right back in on cue with the rest of the commercial. The clip closes out featuring George Takei, most famous for his role as Sulu in Star Trek.

Guns N' Roses, featuring a reunited Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan, just scheduled a show in Mexico City, as they continue to slowly unravel their touring plans for the Spring. The April 19 gig has been added to two previously announced Coachella headlining dates and two Las Vegas shows, making for five total shows so far.

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