When Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Gus G. dropped by our studio, we knew we couldn't pass up the opportunity to hear a story about the Prince of Darkness straight from one of the closest sources! Sometimes known as the Prince of Daftness, Osbourne has found himself in a number of mix-ups throughout his nearly 50 year career and this one is full of innocent charm!

As Gus was telling the story, we admittedly weren't exactly sure where the innocuous tale was going. The axeman describes a time when he was on tour with Ozzy in Finland and they had plans to hop on a plane the next morning. After meeting up with Ozzy, he notices the singer is terribly tired and asks him what happened.

This is when we knew things were going to get good as anything is possible when Ozzy is awake and the sun has gone down. We've heard stories about the singer mysteriously winding up on Sevendust's tour bus unbeknownst to the rest of the band during one of the Ozzfest tours, so our imaginations began to wander.

Surprisingly, this story has nothing to do with excess and debauchery or even getting in trouble! No, Ozzy was on top of things this time, waking up early and getting ready to board the next flight. Just when the frontman thought he was being responsible, he realized he had made one huge error.

What? You didn't think we were going to tell you what that error is, did you? Check out the video above to find out what happened!

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