New legislation was passed in New South Wales, Australia that prohibits protesters from entering "safe zones" of 150 meters from reproductive health clinics. The law doesn't go into effect until July 13, however, so protesters are currently still able to peacefully practice wherever they please.

A tradesman recently got fed-up with a group of abortion protesters, so he started blasting Drowning Pool's song "Bodies" from his vehicle in front of the crowd as they had started singing "Silent Night."

“The tradie was there and we had a chat to him about what we were doing,” Madeleine Ward, who filmed the situation as it unfolded, told Junkee. “The protesters started singing ‘Silent Night,’ and he was like, ‘Fuck that,’ so he turned up the stereo in his car. The protesters got a bit irate, and shouted through the barrier, 'Turn it down!'”

According to Junkee's report, protesters called the police and they asked the tradesman to turn the music down. Ward, who is a University of Sydney Women’s officer, says she is trying to find the man. "We want to buy him a beer,” she said.

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