GWAR's Blothar the Berserker recently made an appearance on the Fox News late-night talk show Gutfeld!, and had the show's host, Greg Gutfeld, doubling over in laughter throughout the interview.

While the Friday (June 18) appearance was Blothar's first on the show, Gutfeld is no stranger to the self-proclaimed Scumdogs of the Universe. The group's late vocalist Oderus Urungus had been interviewed by Gutfeld on multiple occasions.

Still, the host could barely keep it together throughout the interview where the pair discussed the band's new whiskey, their upcoming tour playing their Scumdogs album in full, an upcoming line of sex toys and more.

In regards to the latter point of conversation, when Gutfeld brought up that the band had teased a bedroom product, Blothar responded "Yeah, we're coming up with quite a product for the bedroom."

After Gutfeld asked if it was more of a marital aid, Blothar said, "Uh, well, for a particular kind of marriage, I suppose it would aid, but, you know, I don't know how it's going to fit to be honest. I don't know exactly who that would aid. Looks more like a marital hindrance, a roadblock."

No other details on GWAR's sex toy(s?) yet, but sounds like it'll really be ... something?

You can see the full interview for yourself below.

In addition to being a big fan of GWAR, Gutfeld is a known metal head. He also gave a heartfelt tribute to Power Trip's Riley Gale on the air.

Get the details on GWAR's upcoming fall tour with support from Napalm Death, Madball and Eyehategod here.

Watch: GWAR's Blothar the Berserker Interviewed on Fox News

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