Halestorm's outstanding 2012 is paying off this year, as the band has already won the Grammy for Best Hard Rock / Metal Performance and their award show appearances continued recently at the Revolver Golden Gods ceremony. Loudwire caught up with the band on the Black Carpet to discuss their award show experiences and they also spoke about their current tour with Bullet for My Valentine.

A lot has happened since we last spoke. First off, the Grammy -- what was that night like?

Josh Smith: It was supposed to be just a fun night hanging out and then it just turned crazy. It was so much fun.

Lzzy Hale: We had told ourselves that we weren't going to win and we were up against our idols and usually the academy recognizes that and gives it to somebody who's been working for 25 years. So we're new kids on the block and we felt like, 'Oh, they're just doing us a favor.' So it's like we get to go and do the red carpet and the parties and so we're just going to go and have fun and we're not going to win. And they called our names and we honestly didn't even hear it. They said it and we were like, 'Oh (disappointingly) ... Oh wait, that's us.' And then we were running and honestly, I don't remember the rest of the night.

Joe Hottinger: Absolutely, it was a great time.

And now we're here where it's more of a wide open field where all of the hard rock and metal genre can be saluted. What does it mean to have that show of support?

Lzzy Hale: It's wonderful. It's such a great outlet and I feel it's a really great way to introduce kids [to the music].

Josh Smith: As awesome as the Grammys are, they only have hard rock and metal in one category. Here you've got like the full community.

Lzzy Hale: We're all like recognizing and supporting each other. Because really, hard rock and metal, these two genres, we work the hardest on the road. I'm sorry, I'm just gonna say it, we do! We're huffing it out in whatever -- a van, an RV, a crappy bus from 1982 -- and just making it work and this is a time for all of us to get together and support each other, so.

Arejay Hale joins the interview, putting his arms around his bandmates and interjecting.

Arejay Hale: So anyway, yeah, this tour's been going really good [laughs].

Okay, you brought it up. How's it going with Bullet for My Valentine?

Josh Smith: We love those Welsh bastards.

Joe Hottinger: They can always find a good excuse to party and that's dangerous. We're having a great time with them and it's awesome that we're not even halfway through this tour yet. There's plenty of dates left and plenty of good times to be had.