In true rock fashion, Halestorm spent the majority of 2013 out on the road in support of their second studio album ‘The Strange Case of…’ With their monster tour cycle wrapping up later this week, followed by a short holiday break, the band is ready to jump into the creative process for their third full-length studio disc.

The band will soon be heading to Nashville to start working on their third offering. We plan to “lock ourselves in there for the entire month of January and just write our asses off,” said drummer Arejay Hale in a new interview with Billboard.

They aren’t going in with a blank canvas though. The road has allowed them to steal a few rare moments to brainstorm new material. "With all the touring we've been doing we really haven't had a chance to all sit down and write together as a band," Hale shared. "We've been writing constantly, kind of here and there on the road. It's kind of tough on the road because our days are pretty swamped and it's hard to get into that creative mentality. We're focused on performing and the shows and not quite as consumed with the writing process."

Halestorm works best when their combined forces are all involved. “I think we get a lot more done when we're all together. So we're gonna go in and have the mentality of 'It's crunch time. We've got to write an album,'” Hale said.

As for their approach, Hale had some ideas, sharing, “The best thing we can do is what gets us excited at the time. We did that with 'The Strange Case of...' We weren't trying to top the first album or mimic it. We were trying to create something we were excited about. This album is going to be the same thing; we'll all sit down and if we get excited about something we're gonna chase it."

If all goes according to plan, it looks like Halestorm fans have something to be excited about too in the coming year.

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