Halestorm debuted a rocking first single ‘Love Bites (So Do I)’ from their upcoming album 'The Strange Case Of…' and now the band has unveiled a kick-ass video to accompany the tune.

The black and white footage is all about the band and their amazing energy. The beautiful Lzzy Hale shows off her shredding skills and her vigorous vocal cords.

The songstress talked about the tune to Noisecreep, saying, "The song is my little stab against the media's portrayal of love." She goes on to say, "Your heart cannot be measured or judged by the quizzes in magazines and scenes in movies. So for both boys and girls I tell you this, love who and how you want, and for God's sake when love bites, bite back! That bitch can eat her heart out!"

Lzzy’s younger brother Arejay Hale also shows his force behind the skins as he goes off behind his drum set. In Loudwire’s exclusive interview with Lzzy Hale she talks fondly of Arejay, saying, “From a big sister point of view, just making this record, I’m so proud of him."

She continues, "It takes a lot to surprise me with him because I know him so well and I found myself leaning into the drum room while he was cuttin’ the drums and looking at the guys like ‘I didn’t know he could do that.’ He’s awesome.” For the full interview with Ms. Hale go here.

Watch the Halestorm 'Love Bites (So Do I)' Video [via Noisecreep]