Halestorm revealed details for their upcoming album 'Into the Wild Life' this week. In addition to unveiling the single 'Apocalyptic' and the record release date of April 7, it was announced Halestorm and The Pretty Reckless will be teaming up for a tour beginning in April.

In a new interview with Rock 1057, vocalist Lzzy Hale talked about a number of topics including the new album, dating on the road, a new clothing line, her signature guitar and more. You can check out the entire nearly 30 minute chat below.

Hale says, "I've been wanting to do a tour with the Pretty Reckless for a long time, pretty much ever since they broke out onto the scene and everyone was so skeptical and were like, 'that's the 'Gossip Girl' chick...' She's a freaking rock star. She is definitely riding that line, that middle road that isn't goth, but isn't emo. It's just down and dirty rock and roll. And she definitely lives it too, so I'm probably in for trouble, because if we hang out, who knows what will happen!"

Hale also talked about a recent interview she did where it was suggested there might be conflict on the tour because there will be two female lead singers. "I was like, dude, it's not like that," Hale recounts. "Whatever that mentality is, that died out with the last generation. We're totally pumped. Just seeing another girl on stage every night, do you have any idea what that's going to do to me? Holy s--t, this is awesome! I'm just going to be so pumped. It's going to be a great tour."

Hale continues, "The same thing happened when we got to tour with Evanescence for the first time. Amy Lee is one of the coolest chicks I've met in this world. Everybody said the same thing to me beforehand: 'I don't know, man.' I'm like, 'Don't knock it until you try it baby!' And we had so much fun. I know it's going to be that way this time and I'm excited about it."