What qualities draw us to embrace our favorite musicians? Sure, if they rock, that helps. But from a personality standpoint, there's something ultimately alluring about the idea of someone who presents themselves as who they really are. In a new blog, Halestorm's Lzzy Hale digs deep into the idea of honesty and how it relates to sex, confidence, stress and the overall quality of life.

"Honesty is both the heartbeat and the heartbreaker," says Hale. "What I've learned personally is that my professional and personal life would not exist without it. Honesty takes bravery. To be honest with yourself and to be honest with those who surround you and those close to you is scary."

Hale starts by addressing the idea of being honest with yourself and trying to please others. "Wouldn’t it suck if you did everything in your power to be someone else that you thought someone else wanted… Only to find out that they really wanted YOU for everything that You ARE all along," asks Hale. "We as humans do not exist as pieces to a monochrome wardrobe of society, solely for the purpose of matching each other. We are meant to shine brightly in our own way completely different than the one that stands to our right or left. Each his or her own entity."

She then goes on to address honesty where it concerns relationships with others. "Besides brain washing ourselves, we are also prone pretend to be someone else to avoid hurting someone we love. This is where the sex comes in. Take any infidelity, or 'cheating' situation. What I see is that it is not necessary the act of 'sex' that is the issue, it’s the betrayal of trust. It’s the lack of honesty, the sneaking around and lying that drives even the sanest significant other crazy."

The vocalist says that she's attempted to be honest in her personal life and its yielded benefits. "I’ve been with the same person for a long time. We decided in the beginning that we would be brutally honest about who we were, and what we wanted. We didn’t have to have everything all figured out, but honesty has been the keystone of our relationship. It’s because of this rule that I know no matter what we face along the way or how much we f--k things up, we can’t f--k US up. It’s not easy, it’s taken us years to get truly comfortable with undiluted honesty. But I have to say, being free to talk about whatever’s on your mind, what you are into sexually, musically, dream-wise etc, with the person you love, it is worth it!"

While honesty may not always be easy, the singer adds, "Overall, I've gotten more rewards from putting myself out there." She concludes, "I decided a long time ago to be unapologetically myself, and give all of you access to my best and my worst. Because I know that there is only one me, and not everyone is gonna like it, but the people that do accept me for all of me, are the ones that are worth keeping. So, I thank you for everything you all are to me. And remind you to be brutal, be you."

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