Here's an awesome new band with a must-hear monster track. Welsh sludge metal / hard rock act Hark will release the debut full-length 'Crystalline' on March 18 via Season of Mist. From the record, we've got the North American premiere of 'Clear Light of…', the album's final track which features Clutch singer Neil Fallon.

Hailing from Wales, Hark formed in 2010 and released their 'Mythopoeia' EP in 2012. The two-track EP got Season of Mist's attention, and just two years later, Hark are set to release their debut full-length through the label.

"The phoenix of classical myth was considered to be a creature of great beauty," reads a description of Hark. "Bursting into flames at the end of its life cycle, the bird would be reborn out of the ashes of its predecessor. Hark share a similar fate as the trio is spawned from the remnants of celebrated British heavy rockers Taint." With Jimbob Isaac on guitar / vocals, Nikolai Ribnikov on bass and Simon Bonwick on drums, Hark bring a dirty rock sound to the band's sludge core. Mixed by the brilliant Kurt Ballou, the Converge guitarist helped give Hark the perfect sound, much like Ballou has done for High on Fire, Kvelertak and his own band.

The addition of Neil Fallon's vocals on 'Clear Light of…' brings even more authenticity to the track as a gritty rock piece. The touch of Clutch really does round off the already awesome song, which will surely become an audio addiction for many who expose themselves to 'Clear Light of…'.

Check out the premiere of Hark's 'Clear Light of…' in the player below! To pre-order 'Crystalline,' click here.

Hark feat. Clutch's Neil Fallon, 'Clear Light of...'

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