Korn are getting ready to hit the road for a swing of dates that will continue to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their self-titled debut disc, but it should be noted that their mindset is still very much rooted in modern day and what's going to come next. As such, they've been working on a new album and guitarist Brian "Head" Welch gave us some insight on where they're at in the process.

"Munky, Ray, Fieldy we've been getting into the studio writing some riffs so we're poking away at that," Head told us. "I'm a metalhead so I keep saying I think this album is going to be heavier. I just want heavier all the time. That's what I'm leaning towards, that's what I'm writing and we're poking away."

As for their progress, he adds, "We have these dates, so in between these dates ... Munky just had a baby, so we're going into the studio when we can, but I think after this tour it's going to really pick up, the first of the year next year, but we want to keep going."

Fellow guitarist Munky reiterated those sentiments in an interview with Billboard. He revealed that the band was "about a third of the way done," adding that the band had narrowed 20 songs down to 10 that they're focusing on, but feeling that more songs need to be written. "There's no rush, which feels great," said the guitarist. "It's time to take a little extra time to make a great album. I think it's time to solidify our legacy cause I'm really proud of it."

So stay tuned and see how the new album progresses. And check in later this week as we run our full interview with Brian "Head" Welch about the 20th Anniversary tour in support of Korn's self-titled debut. Are you ready? The tour is hitting these stops.

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