Loudwire is very proud to welcome Brian 'Head' Welch as a recurring guest columnist. Head is currently the frontman of the band Love and Death and will also be playing with his former band Korn for a number of shows this year. In his very first piece, Head introduces his 'HeAd's KoRner' column and gives us all a 'head's up' of what's to come in his future posts:

Love & Death.

Man, I'm touring so much this year! I packed up my house, put everything in storage and I am now officially a homeless traveling musician. And I LOVE it!

So yeah, 2013 has started out better than most years, and to top it all off, I've been offered to write a monthly column by everyone's (including mine) favorite rock 'n' roll site - Loudwire! They stand out above the competition and I'm honored to be a tiny part of the Loudwire team for however long the universe allows.

My columns will consist of a few different approaches since the Loudwire team has been stupid enough -- I mean nice enough -- to allow me to write about anything I desire.

The first, most obvious approach is the KoRn reunion. I'd really like to journal where this road back to KoRn carries me. I'd love for all of you to travel with me back into the family that I left behind so long ago. I'd love for you to be with me as I return to the boys to see if this idea totally crashes, or turns into a long-term thing -- either is very possible at this point to be totally honest. It'd also be fun to throw in some interviews with my former band mates and talk about the details of my departure as well as the reconciliation that's going on now, among other things. This is more than music, this is our lives and I think it would be amazing to share some of these personal things with you.

I'd also like to talk about my band Love & Death, and how I'm juggling the L&D project with KoRn this year. No matter how good the KoRn thing ends up, I've signed contracts and I'm obligated to work hard on the Love & Death project. Plus, I love the challenge of singing. In the past, I had always been afraid to sing, but nowadays I grab fear by the balls and face it head on. Love & Death is a great tool to help form me into the man I want to be.

Finally, I'd like to dive deep into a topic that I'm so familiar with: survival. I'd like to interview other rock stars about some difficult things they've been through in their lives and how they've persevered to come through stronger on the other side. I want the real and raw, blood and guts story of their survival.

Here's the deal: If any ordinary person has been blessed enough to make a killer living as a rock star, there are thousands, if not millions of young people holding on to their musical gift for dear life to make it through some kind of hell they're walking through. That's what every rock star's gift is for - edifying their fans in one way or another.

There are millions & millions of young people facing suicide, abuse, depression, ect, every minute of every day. They are our fans and since I've been given a platform, I'm gonna bust my ass to possibly save some lives and/or help get them through the hell they're experiencing by talking with other rock stars about their personal stories of survival.

I'm so pumped!

So, in the words of Dr. Dre -- sit back, relax and strap on your seatbelt ... You've never been on a ride like this before.



Brian Head Welch Author
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Brian 'Head' Welch is a founding member of the multiplatinum band Korn and frontman of Love and Death. He is the New York Times best-selling author of the book 'Save Me From Myself.' Brian has won multiple Grammys and MTV Music Awards and is currently touring with his band and traveling the country speaking. You can follow his schedule at www.loveanddeathmusic.com and pick up Love and Death's debut album, 'Between Here & Lost,' at iTunes.

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