Nickelback's "Photograph" is one of radio rock's most instantly recognizable songs, with the video for "Photograph" having over 50 million views on YouTube. People either love it or hate it, but we think everyone can appreciate this parody clip from back in 2008.

Created by the Bloomington Bros, this 'Best of YouTube' clip (which has over a million views) shows the two jamming "Photograph" in a quiet bedroom. The chords performed on acoustic guitar by Ross create a sombre mood, but it's quickly broken by Matt's yelling of the parody's lyrics.

The execution of "Photograph" is prefect, with Matt's hysterical, one-dimensional rendition of Chad Kroeger's voice driving the parody from beginning to end. Matt also makes sure to hold up each photograph he's singing about to give his audience a special connection with the duo's mod treasured images.

The whole song is painfully funny, but our favorite lyrics have to be, "Michelle's the first girl I kissed / When we kissed I also grabbed her boob / Back then we were both 14 / I guess I grabbed a 14-year-old's boob" and the simple yet brilliant line, "F---in' look at this photograph!"

If you're in need of a laugh, be sure to check out the Bloomington Bros' cover of "Photograph." You can even buy a copy of the duo's parody track by clicking here. To watch more videos from the Bloomington Bros visit their YouTube channel.