Australian metalcore band I Killed the Prom Queen will release their third studio album, 'Beloved,' on Feb. 18, 2014 via Epitaph Records, marking their first disc since 2008's 'Sleepless Nights and City Lights.' Listen to the new song 'To the Wolves' above.

The group's lineup has changed considerably since 2006's 'Music for the Recently Deceased.' Guitarist/clean vocalist Jona Weinhofen and guitarist Kevin Cameron return. 'Beloved' will be the first Prom Queen album for vocalist Jamie Hope, bassist Benjamin Coyte and drummer Shane O'Brien.

“We’ve really extended ourselves,” says Weinhofen about the new album. “But we’ve done it in a way where it’s tasteful and it makes sense with the music. It’s not like we’ve gone from sounding like a metalcore band to sounding like Dimmu Borgir. It still sounds very much like Prom Queen.”

The band traveled to Sweden to record 'Beloved' with producer Fredrik Nordstrom (In Flames, Dimmu Borgir.) Pre-order packages are available here.

I Killed The Prom Queen - Beloved
Epitaph Records

I Killed the Prom Queen - 'Beloved' Track Listing

1. 'Beginning Of The End'
2. 'To The Wolves'
3. 'Bright Enough'
4. 'Meilor'
5. 'Thirty One & Sevens'
6. 'Calvert Street'
7. 'Kærjrlighet'
8. 'The Beaten Path'
9. 'Nightmares'
10. 'No One Will Save Us'
11. 'Brevity'