Pop star Lizzo continued to show her rock love, turning up during an appearance at Incubus' Hollywood Bowl show over the weekend. The "About Damn Time" singer not only lent her vocals, but showed her flute skills during a performance of Incubus' Morning View album closer "Aqueous Transmission."

The show was a special one for Incubus as the band intended to celebrate another anniversary of their Morning View album (which was released Oct. 23, 2001) with the Los Angeles audience in the city in which the album was initially conceived. The show featured the entire album front-to-back, with a few special guests and a number of other Incubus favorites to close out the evening.

Among the guests were the aforementioned Lizzo as well as Mike Einziger's violin-playing wife Ann-Marie Calhoun and the couple's children, all of whom joined Lizzo in guesting on 'Aqueous Transmission."

As Lizzo stated in an Instagram post (seen below), "Those who know me… KNOW. This is BEYOND a dream and FULL CIRCLE. I saw @incubusofficial perform 20 years ago at @woodlandspavilion for morning view (I’ve been a fan since S.C.I.E.N.C.E) and now to be at @hollywoodbowl performing Aqueous Transmission with @sashabefluting — I WAS A PUDDLE ON THE FLOOR— thank you INCUBUS for everything but also for inviting me on stage and making my childhood dreams come true."

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The show featured a few notable performances including "Blood on the Ground," which was dusted off for the first time live since 2012, "Have You Ever" getting its first performance since 2013 and "Under My Umbrella" which hadn't been played since 2011. The full setlist and the Lizzo performance and some backstage fun between the singer and Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd can be viewed below.

Lizzo Joins Incubus on Flute + Vocals Performing "Aqueous Transmission" (Hollywood Bowl, Oct. 6, 2023)

Incubus - Los Angeles Hollywood Bowl Oct. 6, 2023 Setlist (per Setlist.fm)

1. Nice to Know You
2. Circles
3. Wish You Were Here
4. Just a Phase
5. 11am
6. Blood on the Ground (first time since 2012)
7. Mexico (featuring Mike Einziger's wife Ann-Marie Calhoun on violin)
8. Warning
9. Echo
10. Have You Ever (first time since 2013)
11. Are You In? (with snippets of The Doors "Riders on the Storm" and Kelis' "Milkshake")
12. Under My Umbrella (first time since 2011)
13. Aqueous Transmission (featuring Lizzo and Mike Einziger's wife and daughters)
14. Anna Molly
15. Karma, Come Back
16. Come Together (Beatles Cover)
17. Pardon Me
18. Stellar
19. The Warmth

20. Dig
21. Drive

Lizzo's Rock + Metal Love

This isn't the first time Lizzo has shown her appreciation for rock and metal. Earlier this year, while performing in Germany, the pop star busted out a bit of Rammstein's "Du Hast" during one show, only to do a full headbanging and twerking version of the song at another show.

Then, in April of this year, a 2019 video recirculated of the pop star defending Nickelback. "Why do people not like Nickelback?" Lizzo asks CBC's Jam or Not a Jam as the rock band's 2001 hit "How You Remind Me" fills her headphones.

"Nickelback gets way too much shit," Lizzo continues. "I think that this is a jam. … It has a beautiful climax."

Singing along to the melody but missing some of the lyrics, Lizzo adds, "I don't know the words, but everybody knows this melody. … The beat dropout? Shit. … I think they get a lot of shit because he [Kroeger] had a curly blonde perm. That's the only reason why they get shit. Because this is an amazing song."

After seeing the video circulate, Nickelback reached out to the singer, noting, “Thank you @lizzobeeating for the kind words! Open invite any show any time.. maybe see you in Houston this summer?”

What Else Are Incubus Up To?

In other Incubus news, the band had intended the Oct. 6 show to coincide with the release of an updated version of that classic Incubus record dubbed Morning View XXIII. But, as per the band last week, the band was still putting the finishing touches on the music and were shifting the release to early 2024. Stay tuned for a release date announcement coming soon.

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