Get ready for a trip, as Incubus have unveiled their brand new single 'Absolution Calling.' The song is scheduled to appear on one of the two new EPs the band has scheduled to be released this year.

The group has been teasing the track with some spiraling artwork via their social networks, which seems fitting after hearing the song as it includes some nifty hypnotic and spiraling guitar work throughout.

"I remember feeling / The opposite of falling / Into that spot / Where we until every knot / Spinning past the ceiling / Absolution calling / Are you there or not?," sings frontman Brandon Boyd in the song's chorus.

In an interview with Los Angeles' 'Kevin & Bean Show' on KROQ-FM, Boyd revealed that the song started with a bass riff and evolved from there. Guitarist Mike Einziger added, "Actually, Brandon was in Bali, in a land far away. He had to leave on this trip so we were like, let’s just try to make studio magic while he was gone so we started sending him idea. All four of us were in the studio jamming. That song just came out of us all in the studio improvising. It was like, 'Oh wait, what’s that? Oh cool.' And it just evolved.”

The track follows on the heels of 'Trust Fall,' a song the group debuted during their appearance at KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas shows back in December. As stated, Incubus are set to release a pair of EPs this year. The first, titled 'Trust Fall: Side A,' is set to drop on March 24 while the follow-up is expected perhaps as early as this summer.

As for the decision to split their music into EPs, Einziger added during the interview, "We’re doing this really fun thing right now where we’re just writing songs and recording them and then releasing them, like as we finish them. We don’t really know what’s going to happen and the chaos that comes along with that is exhilarating. It sounds so corny but all we’ve ever done is as a band is to try and make music that gets us excited and hopefully other people will like it to. And, we’re in the advanced information age when we can just put things out. We can record them and just put them out immediately.”

The premiere of the 'Absolution Calling' video is expected to be the start of more activity in the Incubus camp. At present they have some shows booked for Australia this month, will play a handful of dates in Japan and Hawaii in March and have a lone show in Italy in June on their itinerary. Stay tuned for more from Incubus this year and watch their interview with KROQ-FM below.

Watch Incubus Speak With KROQ's 'Kevin and Bean Show'