Incubus are currently taking another break, which has allowed vocalist Brandon Boyd to continue his solo pursuits with a new album. The singer told Billboard that he's just completed recording his second solo effort, which is expected to arrive for fans this summer.

"I wrote it and recorded it with [producer] Brendan O'Brien," revealed Boyd. The singer says he's currently negotiating with labels to release this disc over the summer. "I'm ready for it to come out now, but there is all this logistical stuff that has to take place before it can come out. That part kind of sucks."

Speaking about the new disc, Boyd explained, "It's awesome. When you hear it, you'll probably be reminded of sailors riding unicorns and unicorns farting beautiful gift making elves and things like that … rainbows, pots of gold … stuff like that." The vocalist says he also intends to tour in support of the album.

In addition to his musical pursuits, the aspiring artist has been working on another book. He reveals, "It's an art book and it looks like the music sounds." Even though the book is a separate project, Boyd revealed that his album and the page-turner were created during the same period and serve as a nice compliment to each other.

At present, there's no timeline for the full band to return to working together. Boyd did reveal that the rest of his bandmates have other projects in the works, as well.