Not too long ago, Lady Gaga claimed that she'd rather be the next Iron Maiden than the next Madonna. The word got passed to Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson, who had plenty of nice things to say about Lady Gaga in a new interview, claiming that she's better than Madonna ever was.

Lady Gaga is one of those rare pop stars who has the respect of many metalheads. Exodus / Slayer guitarist Gary Holt called Lady Gaga "rad" in our recent "To Exodus or Not to Exodus?" segment, while Judas Priest icon Rob Halford said it's on his bucket list to collaborate with Lady Gaga. Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian has also given Lady Gaga his seal of approval. That's a pretty damn impressive list of backers.

"I think she's great, and I agree with her – she's not the next Madonna. She's way better than that," Bruce Dickinson tells Corus Radio. "Because, first of all, she can sing, she's got a belter of a voice, and she's a really good instrumentalist. She's got a great sense of drama. And anybody that could turn up to an awards ceremony dressed as a bacon sandwich gets my vote. I mean, she's great."

Lady Gaga's got to be happy about an endorsement from Bruce himself, after all, Gaga woke up at 5AM to buy Maiden's new album The Book of Souls on the day it came out.

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