If you've watched the growing proliferation of reality singing competitions on TV and wondered how the networks could possibly add one more "unique twist" to the format, the folks at 'Funny or Die' are right there with you -- and they've parodied the genre with a fake commercial for 'U B Da Judge,' a show where celebrities compete to be the next judge on a reality singing competition.

It's admittedly sort of a thin premise for a joke, but they lined up an impressively random batch of musicians for the clip, including System of a Down's Serj Tankian and Jane's Addiction frontman Perry Farrell, who pop up for goofball auditions along with Meat Loaf, Rebecca Black, Debbie Gibson and Warren G, among others.

Farrell and Tankian both riff on their public personas, with Farrell telling the judges, "You always need the rocker. I don't see why I couldn't do what Steven Tyler's doing," before erupting into a gibberish Tyler impression and screaming "I like it!"

Tankian's audition is more combative, starting with him looking at the seat and quipping, "What the f--- is this, a barber's chair?" before launching into a tirade about the hollow existence of judges in general: "The true light beings, past life, do not judge. They ask you for your experience, and they say, 'Where do you want to go next?' And you judge! What the f---?"

Take a look at the full clip below:

Watch Funny or Die's 'U B Da Judge' Clip