Former Five Finger Death Punch drummer and current Semi-Rotted vocalist Jeremy Spencer looked back on his departure from Five Finger Death Punch in a new interview, suggesting that other members of Five Finger Death Punch didn't want to take time off from the band when he needed a break from constant performing.

Spencer parted ways with Five Finger Death Punch in 2018, saying in a statement late that year that the physical requirements of his drumming got to the point where he could no longer deliver a performance of which he was proud.

He then started the group Psychosexual (later Psycho Synner), which he fronted in costume as a devil-horned lead singer. But Spencer has since laid down his Psychosexual persona Devil Daddy (later known as Grym Synner), focusing instead on the death metal act Semi-Rotted.

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Asked by Blabbermouth this week (July 17) if he misses being in Five Finger Death Punch, Spencer replies, "Sometimes I think I do. I think, Man, they're out there doing big festivals again. I haven't done them since 2018. I do miss it."

However, "I don't miss going through the big machine again," the musician continues. "I did it once, and it was amazing. But I wouldn't want to go back to it again."

Why Jeremy Spencer Left FFDP

Spencer calls Five Finger Death Punch a "runaway freight train of a business. So many people relied on us; we had 30 crew guys. It's a big business. It's a lot of pressure; you got to keep going. Everyone is like, 'When's the next record?' I'm like, 'Fuck you. You write a record.' It's not easy."

As for his final days in Five Finger Death Punch, before the musician publicly announced his departure, Spencer explains, "I told them, 'If we can't take a break at the end of this year, I'm going to step off the train.' They didn't want to stop, so I let myself off."

In his December 2018 statement announcing his exit from Five Finger Death Punch, Spencer said the decision was "weighing on me for months, and now the time has finally come."

He added at that time, "I feel fortunate that my body has provided me with several decades of doing what I love most: drumming. However, the rigorous physical wear and tear has got me to the point where I feel I can no longer deliver a performance that brings me satisfaction and joy."

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