Funnyman Jimmy Fallon was at it again, and this time Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder was his co-pilot!

Fallon got a little misty eyed on his 'Late Night' talk show last night, Sept. 8, while reporting on the latest phenomenon of tar balls appearing on Gulf Coast beaches due to the heavy tropical storm action over the past month. Fallon had performed the song 'Balls in Your Mouth' last year in response to the BP oil disaster, but he told the audience he wanted to play it again given the recent events.

Fallon, equipped with his acoustic guitar, sauntered out into the audience performing the protest song while the crowd sang along quite emphatically. Fade in to the main stage where cameras zoomed in on an unannounced Eddie Vedder with mic in hand.

Showing a less than serious side of the Pearl Jam singer that fans don’t always get to see, the two came together on the stage to belt out the chorus, “Balls in your mouth, balls in your mouth, don’t swim in the ocean, you’ll get balls in your mouth.” With Vedder’s signature vocals, Fallon's witty chorus and back up music provided by the Roots, the song is dare we say it, a bit infectious.

Not sure if this performance was funnier than when Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Fallon (as Neil Young) tackled Willow Smith’s ‘Whip My Hair,’ but it’s a definite contender! Watch the clip below and let us know what you think!

Watch Jimmy Fallon and Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder Perform 'Balls in Your Mouth'