Like many other bands, Halestorm have taken advantage of the downtime they've had throughout the pandemic and have been working on new music. We're not quite sure what to expect from the follow-up to 2018's Vicious just yet, but guitarist Joe Hottinger describes it as "a different flavor" of the band.

Hottinger shed some details on the band's latest musical endeavors on the podcast In the Trenches With Ryan Roxie (heard below). They have around 20 or 30 songs written already, but he said that they really like four or five of them so far. "And they're exciting, 'cause they are different," he enthused.

"We didn't exactly know where we were gonna go on this next record that we're writing. We still don't totally know, but the haze is clearing, the fog is clearing, and it's starting to reveal itself," he explained. "And it's rock and roll music, and it's exciting. And it's very us and Halestorm, but it's a different flavor of us."

The guitarist added that they try their best not to make the same record twice. "We actually did that before the last record, Vicious. We had a record written, and it was good, but it was kind of rehashed everything." So, they scrapped it and started over.

Hopefully we get a taste of some new Halestorm sooner than later. Listen to the full interview below.

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