John 5’s new solo album ‘God Told Me To’ is set to be released on May 8, and he recently took some time to divulge the meaning behind the album title as well as talking about his work history with both the legendary Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson.

In a new interview, John 5 tells Noisecreep the origin of the title ‘God Told Me To’ ties into a lot of different things from his desire to be a successful musician to off-the-wall excuses used by serial killers in history. “The title means more than what it sounds like,” admits John 5. “I wanted to do this so badly, to be a successful musician. Not even like a rock star. My dreams didn't go into that area. I want to make money playing guitar. I like prayed inside of my head as a little kid.” He also notes that that’s not the only thing that inspired the title, saying, “It's a lot of things. Many serial killers will say 'God told me to.' It's a spin on it.”

While his current full time gig is playing with Rob Zombie, he’s got quite a resume including time spent with Marilyn Manson and Rob Halford. When asked what his favorite gig is, John 5 stayed loyal to Zombie, explaining, “Zombie is my favorite and I am not saying it because I am in the band. It has been such a pleasure and honor being in a band with him. It's like having an awesome job, where I am psyched to go work every day.”

Even though he doesn’t play with him anymore, John 5 says he does keep in touch with Manson sporadically and he’s a fan of the new music. He had nothing but kind things to say about him, “He is an amazing talent. I hope he just has continued success through his life," said John 5. "Before I was in the band, I was a fan, since he is so real. I wish him continued success through his life. People want it to be bad, but not like that at all. He is super talented and smart."

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