For over 20 years, Kamelot have maintained a remarkable level of consistency, ensuring American power metal remains on the worldwide radar. The Shadow Theory, their 12th studio effort, is another cerebral listen both musically and lyrically and the Floridians have teamed with Loudwire to bring you the album's debut single, "RavenLight."

It's the third track off the new record, moving forward with a mechanized groove anchored by the since departed drummer Casey Grillo, who keeps the treads rolling while the rest of the instrumentation glides in and out of the mix, texturizing "RavenLight" with flourishes of melody and sustained cords. An angelic chorus cuts the mounting tension with enigmatic bliss, a hallmark of Kamelot's sound.

“The album offers many diverse songs, here is one of the mid-tempo tracks being offered as an instant gratification for the fans," comments guitarist Thomas Youngblood. "Enjoy this one — more to come!!”

The Shadow Theory drops on April 6 on Napalm Records. Reserve your copy here and look for Kamelot on their headlining tour with Delain and Battlebeast. It all starts on April 16, so check the band's Facebook page to see if the trek stops near you.

Now, read our brief interview with Kamelot founder Thomas Youngblood below.

Thomas Youngblood Talks Kamelot's The Shadow Theory

Napalm Records
Napalm Records

When/how did you become intrigued by shadow theory and what was the most challenging aspect of channeling these ideas into song?

Well I was researching some psychological ideas and Carl Jung's Shadow Aspect came up. I dug a bit more into this and realized it was something unique to share and incorporate into the album. We used this as a metaphor for the way we, as a society, are now operating. The top layer that controls everything, the bottom layer that is kept quiet with diversions and debt. And the Shadow Key that unlocks all our potential.

After learning more about this concept, did it spur any personal changes or alter any of your perceptions about things?

Yes a bit. My Shadow is to think about every detail and obsess over it. I am trying to live more in the moment, without this mindset and enjoy every second of living. After all this planet with be a heap of dust one day. Ouch.

How did you select Johan Nunez as Kamelot's new drummer? Was anyone else considered?

Johan has toured with us a few times with his other Firewind and also was our drum tech on the European Tour. He is a beast on the drums and really a cool guy, the fans that know him already love him. Noone else was considered, no auditions.

Did Casey Grillo's departure have anything to do with his role as Queensryche's live drummer?

You have to ask him that, but I know he has his drum head company and wants to devote more time to it. As we mentioned, we totally support him in his new endeavors and he is still our bud.

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