Few artists get to the heart of nostalgia as well as Kid Rock, and the musician is mining that rich history for his latest single, 'First Kiss,' from the disc of the same name. Rock just debuted the video for the song in advance of the new album release on Feb. 24.

In the clip, Rock rolls around town in his pickup truck reflecting on the good ol' days, picking up his first girlfriend off the school bus, listening to Tom Petty on the radio, breaking up just to make up and experiencing that feeling of first love all over again. The video also has that small town feel, right down the set of the Snow White drive-in that Rock shot at just last fall. The clip and the song find Rock in top form, perfectly capturing the spirit of that long lost feeling and making it come to life again.

Rock also made good on the promotion for the 'First Kiss' album where fans submitted their "first kiss" New Year's Eve photos. The musician compiled some of the best moments -- some touching, some hilarious -- into a teaser video for the 'First Kiss' single. You can check out the teaser video below.

You can current pre-order Kid Rock's 'First Kiss' album at this location in a variety of bundle options. The title track will be delivered instantly. The disc is also available for pre-order on iTunes.

Watch Kid Rock Fans in the 'First Kiss' New Year's Eve Teaser Video