Kid Rock has revealed that he will be embarking on a club tour this fall. While exact dates have yet to be revealed, the trek is slated to kick off in November. Rock announced the tour while receiving the Goodfellow of the Year award in Detroit on Friday (Sept. 30). Recently, Loudwire caught up with Rock for a few minutes to talk about touring, recording and more. Read our brief Q&A with Kid Rock below:

You’re a rap guy who is now a rock guy. Is it tough to find the right niche for your music as you evolve?

It is tough. Thank God the record ['Born Free'] went platinum. (Laughs). But as lucky as I’ve been in my career, it still is tough. Everybody wants me to be their guy. Country radio, rap radio, rock radio, they all want a piece of me but I’m starting to not fit in at any one spot. 'All Summer Long' was a hit, but sometimes I feel like I’m spread thin.

It might be harder for you to score hits, but you seem to be making it up with your live show. With huge tours the last few summers, you’re on the verge of turning into the hard-drinking Jimmy Buffett.

(Laughs) I’ve been blessed. I've got enough of a catalog that I can put on a big show. You look at the numbers (of summer tours) and it's terrible out there right now. That I can put to 10 to 15 thousand people in one place for a night, I don't take that for granted. I've got money, but I don't make my money on the backs of working men. I try to never overcharge, and if something goes wrong, I try to fix it.

You’re turning into a real '70s rock showman. Has hanging out with people like Bob Seger and Peter Wolf influenced you?

Sure. Talking to these guys, guys like Peter, helps me understand how to put together a show, avoid mistakes.

So, will you keep it going? Are we going to see you on tour every summer until 2040?

As long as I can keep it fresh, I don’t see why not. I’ve never been playing better or singing better. I've never been this confident. A lot of nights you used to go see Kid Rock and it was hit or miss. People might say, “Yeah, he's a great showman, but his voice ...” Well, they should have seen me the night before and they'd see why I looked like that and sounded like that. Now, I’m, well, picking my battles, picking my partying. It feels so good hold back off stage so I can give it all on stage.

Does it shock you to be playing arenas after your humble hip hop beginnings?

Yeah. I spent 10 years in minivan towing a trailer. When you get a bus and plane you're like, “Holy s--t! How'd this happen?”

'Born Free' has a little party to it, but it’s a bit of a serious record. For your next album, do you want to do something similar?

I feel like I want to make a greatest hits with all new songs. The thing I missed on this record was some of the funner stuff. [Producer] Rick ]Rubin] was anti-novelty. And I understand that, but I like to have little more fun. I want it to be a packed record, a seven or eight song record, like when Zeppelin put something out. Eight songs on the whole record and it was all killer.

Does that mean a return to your hip hop roots?

Recently Eminem was over and we were playing each other some stuff and I played him some rap rock tracks I had been working on. He said, “I miss this from you.” I said, “You know I kinda miss doing it.”