Kid Rock and actor Sean Penn have just made one of the funniest collaborative videos in recent memory. The two stars operate on two very different sides of the political spectrum, but in this short film titled 'Americans,' the duo are able to find a peaceful friendship in each other, while Penn persuades Kid Rock to buy a Prius, Kid Rock replaces Penn's martini with a good ol' brewski, and much more.

The video begins with an irritable Sean Penn walking into a bar, faced with a Mitt Romney speech on the television, with Kid Rock performing in support of the Republican Presidential candidate. After asking a bartender to change the channel, Penn notices that Kid Rock, draped in a pair of overalls, happens to be at the very same drinking establishment.

A brilliant war of words develops, as Penn calls Kid Rock a "seal-clubbing, Confederate flag-waving, oil-whoring, 'Chick-fil-A'-eating, waterboarding, NASCAR-loving, Caiman Island bank account-having, endangered species hunting, warmongering, redneck, toothless, Wall Street troglodyte." Kid Rock responds by pinning Penn as a "tofu-munching, welfare-loving, Prius-driving, Obama-sucking, tree-hugging, whale-saving, gay marriage-fantasizing, big government-voting, PETA-chasing, Oprah Winfrey-masturbating, flag-burning, socialist, ACLU, whiney-ass granola-crat."

Before a fight breaks out between the two, common ground is discovered which unites the duo, inspiring them experience the life of their political contrarians. The rest of the video is hilarious, and absolutely worth a good watch.

"The goal of the film is to tear down the one-dimensional political stereotypes portrayed by the media by confronting them head on," reads the video's description. "It reminds us that what really matters is that we're all Americans, with diverse thoughts, opinions and stances on issues. We are millions of unique, individual parts, the sum of which comprise a whole that is the shining beacon of freedom throughout the world."

See how Kid Rock and Sean Penn settle their differences in this soon-to-go-viral video.

Watch 'Americans - a Public Service Film by Kid Rock & Sean Penn'

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