As a musician, Korn's Brian "Head" Welch has met fans from all walks of life, and during a recent tour stop in Northern California, he was able to meet and speak with a transgender fan who asked for his prayers. The posting was met with a wide array of response by some of his social media followers -- some positive and some negative -- which has led the guitarist to call on some of his Christian followers to back off of their aggressive commentary.

Welch's initial post saw him posing with a number of fans and apparently they had spoken about his faith during the meeting. The guitarist posted, "Got to speak and pray with these precious ones in Northern California - at least 2 of them felt a touch from Jesus. A sincere request from my friend on my right: 'Brian, do you love transgenders? Then, please pray for us transgender people. We need prayer bad.' And I will." The post can be seen below.

After the outpouring of responses, Welch offered a lengthier posting in which he called out some of the responders who were "running their mouth about Sodom and Gomorrah and the sin of homosexuality." He expressed his dissatisfaction with those taking a judgmental viewpoint toward those who were beginning to accept some of the messages of God and added that the "heartless posts" were doing nothing to help the situation. He also spoke of how the acceptance of God in one's life isn't instant for all people and that by forcing repentance on people, they are "chasing them away" with their posts. His comments on the matter can be read below.

Regarding my post about transgenders yesterday: Most comments were amazing thanks.
To the few people that were running their mouth about Sodom and Gomorrah and the sin of homosexuality, please open your hearts and read this carefully: God looks at the heart and man looks on the outside. What I do and what we all need to do is find out what is inside people's hearts.
One of the people in the photo yesterday shared their pain and horrible abuse that happened to them that went on for years I think. Another had "Christians" attack them and throw them away like trash in the past. These people and dozens of others on my tour this summer are getting some level of inner-healing. They are experiencing non-judgmental Jesus lovers who are planting seeds and speaking life into them. Some of them are having instant change, but for most of them, it's going to take some time. Many tears are being shed and their hearts are softening. Each heartless post from you judgmental ones are only helping to harden their hearts to Jesus once again.
The gospel of Christ isn't like fast food. Not everyone has an overnight dramatic conversion like mine. Often times the relationship with God takes hold many years or even a decade or more later.
When you religious people try to force instant repentance and point out people's flaws, you are dismantling what God is trying to do inside of hearts.
If I can convince even one hardhearted Christian to stop posting about instant repentance and hell fire while me and my friends are trying to love people to Jesus over time, then I guess this post was worth it.
It's a tiring job trying to persuade my people to fall in love with the Son of God, Jesus, while other "Christians" are chasing them away with their posts at the same time.
I'm begging you, please stop.

Welch made headlines in 2005 when he left Korn, citing that he had "chosen the Lord Jesus Christ as his savior" and would be dedicating his musical pursuits to that end. He was later baptized in the Jordan River with a group of fellow churchgoers from Bakersfield, Calif. He chronicles his exit from Korn and religious conversion in the book Save Me From Myself. Eventually, the guitarist reunited with Korn in 2012, but his return did not affect his devotion to God.

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