Kudos to Korn! The band's song 'Love & Meth,' is the latest entry into the Loudwire Cage Match Hall of Fame. The latest single off 'The Paradigm Shift' just completed a five-match run, ousting Rob Zombie's 'We're an American Band' in the final competition.

Korn began their run with a victory of Linkin Park's 'A Light That Never Comes.' Next up was an old-school Family Values matchup, with Korn taking out Limp Bizkit's 'Ready to Go.' Sick Puppies' 'Gunfight' initially put up a fight, but a late rally by Korn sent the band onto their fourth Cage Match. It was there that they faced their toughest opponent of the run -- Shinedown and their single 'Adrenaline.' But with just over 62 percent of the final tally, they moved on to face their 'Night of the Living Dreads' tourmate Rob Zombie and successfully completed the run.

Congratulations to Korn's 'Love & Meth,' the latest entry into the Cage Match Hall of Fame. The song is the second Korn track to earn the honor, with 'Way Too Far' entering the Hall of Fame in 2012. Check out a full list of Loudwire Cage Match Hall of Fame inductees here and watch the video for Korn's 'Love & Meth' below.

Korn, 'Love & Meth'