Korn's classic smasher "Falling Away From Me" is, understandably, a little too intense for some. The creepy intro, huge groove and lyrics about suicide don't make for the most pleasant listen, especially for the baby boomers out there. But now, thanks to remix supergenius Andy Rehfeldt, "Falling Away From Me" now has a smooth jazz version!

Andy Rehfeldt teamed up with Metal Injection to release this one, and it's more than worth your time. Once you hit "play," a soothing soundscape will quickly nourish those throbbing eardrums. As Korn frontman Jonathan Davis yells, "Are you ready for this s--t?!" Korn's creepy-crawly intro suddenly doesn't feel so menacing. This is accompanied by a well-intensioned "Hey!" before Korn delve into a welcoming main riff.

Rehfeldt's smooth jazz version of "Falling Away From Me" actually uses Jonathan Davis' original vocal track. How Andy was able to integrate Davis' haunting parts into a remix with the intimidation factor of sleeping kitten is a testament to Rehfeldt's sonic skills.

The crowd still goes nuts for Korn's smooth jazz revival. The band's fans welcomed Korn's use of dubstep elements in the nu-metal pioneers' latest albums, so why not experiment with smooth jazz as well?

Check out the smooth jazz version of Korn's "Falling Away From Me" above and be sure to check out Andy Rehfeldt's YouTube channel for more awesome re-imaginings.

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