The Korn Fan Video Testimonial series continues this week with a look at tattoo artist Susann Sparbrod, a die-hard Korn fan who took up her profession at the urging of Jonathan Davis. Korn's videographer Sebastien Paquet filmed the piece and Loudwire is proud to exclusively bring you this look at another avid and inspirational Korn fan.

Sparbrod reveals that she happened upon Korn by chance, being given the opportunity to pick up a free CD after purchasing two others at a local store and finding the artwork for 'Untouchables' interesting enough to give it a try. After one listen, she was hooked.

She explains in the video, "[Jonathan Davis] was really the first person in life that was treating me with respect for what I'm doing. I made a huge drawing for him and the way he looked at me, not what he was saying, but the way he was looking at me, just the look in his eye was something that I've never experienced before."

Sparbrod took every opportunity to see Korn and talk to the members in the years to come and she reveals, "At one of those Korn shows, Jonathan told me I should never stop doing what I do -- that he loves my art and that the world needs my art and that I should believe in that and that I should never stop doing it. And I always loved tattoos, so I decided to go to some stores in my area and ask for apprenticeship. The apprenticeship lasted one year and after I was done I was a tattoo artist and started to work on official customers."

As her own personal tribute, Sparbrod has covered certain parts of her body with a number of Korn tattoos, as seen in the video above. She's also planning a special tribute piece featuring the lyrics to one of her favorite songs with handwritten lyrics coming from each band member.

"I want to thank them for everything they've done for me and I want to thank you guys for being so nice at every show and playing the s--- out of it no matter what's going on and being back every year to Europe," says Sparbrod. "I can't tell you how much that means to me because Korn's not a part of my life, Korn is my life. It's everywhere and I hope you guys are doing this the next 20 years."

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