Fear and the Nervous System have announced an Oct. 25 digital release for their long-in-the-works self-titled debut album. The disc's unofficial first single, 'Choking Victim,' was issued as free download this summer and still is available through the band's official website.

The experimental rock band was formed by Korn's James “Munky” Shaffer and features an all-star cast of players that includes Korn touring keyboardist Zac Baird, Faith No More bassist Billy Gould, Bad Religion drummer Brooks Wackerman and Repeater singer Steve Krolikowski. Shaffer started FATNS while Korn were taking a break following the release of their 'Untitled' album in 2007 and wanted it to be a loose, informal thing.

“Zac Baird and I had worked on a few ideas while touring with Korn,” Shaffer explains in a press release. “So, when we started to record, those song ideas were our jumping off point. But, 90 percent of the album was created on the spot, then recorded. We were lucky to get the people we wanted to become involved with the project."

Fear and the Nervous System currently have no plans to tour, but don't rule out some special live performances at some point. "Hopefully we can take this to the stage when our schedules allow it,” relays Wackerman. “I think the fans would love to see FATNS live, and I know we’d love doing it.”

'Fear and the Nervous System' -- Track Listing:

1. 'Hell/Intro'
2. 'Choking Victim'
3. 'Chosen Ones'
4. 'No Secrets'
5. 'Chinatown'
6. 'Beautiful Side'
7. 'Triggers'
8. 'Dissolve'
9. 'Jaguar'
10. 'Slow Motion'
11. 'Last Drive'
12. 'Ambien'