Korn are back in a major way with a new single -- 'Get Up!' featuring electro house producer Skill Skrillex -- that shows the statesmen of nu-metal haven’t lost their metallic hip-hop grind. The track is currently in the Top 10 of the active rock chart and climbing.

So, how do Korn keep churning out catchy, angst-y chart-toppers nearly two decades into their career? Guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer says it all starts with a simple, basic thought.

“When we are creating a song, it's somebody comes up with an idea or a riff," he tells Ugly Scene Music Magazine. "Then we build on that and everybody puts their two cents [in], and then it's like when a dog rolls around in a mud puddle and then shakes himself off. There is still some mud there deep down and those are the ideas that stick."

He continues, "Everyone throws their own ingredients and their mojo into the pot and it's magic. I can't really put my finger on it how it happens. ... It doesn't involve thought, really, and it may sound weird, but most great ideas don't come from thinking.”

Korn have a handful of upcoming U.S. shows on their schedule, including a gig tomorrow night (Aug. 16) in Honolulu, Hawaii, with Five Finger Death Punch. Korn have also been recording new music in hotel rooms while on tour. Check out their updates on the recording process here.